Sewer Robotics

Pipeline lateral cutters are essential tools for trenchless pipe repair and pipe lining. Lateral cutters are used to reinstate openings to laterals after relining, clear obstructions, or cut excess lengths of lining overshooting into mains.

Robotic lateral reinstatement cutters are deployed by highly skilled operators to complete a trenchless pipe repair project. These remote-operated, waterproof robotic cutters are inserted into new lengths of cured piping and moved throughout the pipes from the operator. A CCTV camera is used to identify a slight bulge where the lateral opening is located, and the robotic cutter cuts a hole in the new pipe with the cutter bit. Once every lateral line is opened to allow wastewater to flow back into the line, the cutter is removed.


Built to withstand extreme sewer environments, Schwalm Robots leadS the industry in trenchless sewer cleaning, cutting and lateral reinstatement. When combined with Picote pipe and drain cleaning tools, the Schwalm robot becomes the most versatile sewer robot in the industry.

We utilize IMS Robotics for small house connections as well as the main laterals leaving the home. The flexibility, maneuverability and LED lighting allows us to perform exact pipe reinstatements with ease.

The proven features of the MICRO series combined with even better flexibility in pipe bends and a range of use in even smaller pipes – this is what distinguishes the MICRO S automatic from its competition. With its powerful cutting motor, the house connection cutter removes any deposits and is a reliable tool when opening and reopening lateral connections after liner rehabilitation – quickly and effectively. In conjunction with the axial feed, the flexibility in pipe bends ensures that the cutter can reach any location. The colour camera with LED illumination guarantees exact positioning. Precise and without loss of time – the axial feeding function can be operated easily and conveniently at the cutting spot.

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We can send out a skilled sewer technician to evaluate your sewer line with one of our robotic sewer cameras. We can take a video of the inside of your pipeline and show you what’s lurking beneath. From there, you can make an educated decision on your repair methodology.