A1 Total Service Lining Teams up With Halls Plumbing NORCAL

A1 Total Service Lining Teams up With Halls Plumbing NORCAL

In these photos, our trenchless team is installing 3-6 CIPP liners per day with 2 robotics trucks running full-time reinstating laterals. Expanding into Northern California (NORCAL) area with Halls plumbing. If you need trenchless pipe repairs look no further than A1TSL and Halls Plumbing for the very best in trenchless. 

Grizzly Creek Dam Project


The A-1 Total Service Lining team has been busy at the Grizzly Creek Dam project in Northern CA. We finally cut out and removed the obstruction, which was 125ft up inside the pipe. The team cut holes in the obstruction and ran heavy-duty chain through it. We pulled out several smaller pieces before pulling out […]


The A-1 Total Service Plumbing crew’s are in force today in Los Angeles! Cured-In-Place-Pipe installation of 91FT of 4-inch pipe Cured-In-Place-Pipe installation of 65FT of 4-inch pipe Removing 250 gallons of water from an underground duct line using our VAC trailer Performing CCTV and diagnosing the pipes for repair This is what we do, Los Angeles! Contact us today […]